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Day Curtain

Day curtains are made of sheer and lightweight material. Their main purpose is to allow natural sunlight to shine through during the day while preserving some privacy. The common choice of material for day curtains is organza or lace and these materials allow you to have a view outside while preventing outsiders from looking in. It allows natural light to pass through which helps you diffuse the glare and intensity of direct sunlight while not shrouding your home in darkness and usually paired with night curtains.


Night Curtain

Night curtains are made with heavy fabric that is designed to give you optimum privacy as well as light control. The heavy materials help to block out maximum light and absorb sound, as a result earning their name. As they block out most of the sunlight from entering the room, they are often paired with day curtains. This gives more flexibility when it comes to light and privacy control as they can be pulled back with just the day curtains drawn when you want to allow some soft light to enter your home.

Day & Night Curtain

In Singapore, it is essential for households to have both day and night curtains because they have different properties which are extremely functional, useful, and versatile. Most homes and offices in Singapore feature this type of curtains as they serve myriad purposes and make the house/office a more comfortable place to be in. Both of them serve to block out sunlight, but to varying degrees. By placing day curtains in front of your night curtains, you get the best of both worlds. You can draw the day curtains when the sun is out to get some natural lighting, and the night curtains before bed.

Eyelet Curtain

Our Eyelet Curtains are a great addition to any room with their dramatic pleats and contrasting woven stripes. The difference with these curtains is, it is easy to handle wherever you decide to place them. The simply elegant curtains will compliment any style of decor and is a great way to block out bright sunlight.



S Fold Curtain

S fold curtains are unique as their folds open and close smoothly that looks just like a wave or a long ‘S’ pattern that continues as long as the length of the window it’s covering. The soft flowing wave effect allows the fabric to drape beautifully and creates a very contemporary and on-trend overall finish. 

The track that the curtain uses is slim, so it can fit into small spaces between windows and the ceiling. This is what makes the S fold so great for higher windows or any window that is situated without much space for a curtain rod. S folds will give the impression that your windows are larger than they are.